Duc Luong flower lantern – To dream come true <3

“… I was in the light of the paper flower lantern on the moonlit night with my childhood friends. The memory is still deep in every child’s heart, including me. On the full moon night, all the children we asked each other to the river, with the blue water, with bright white moon, all the children together make paper flower lantern and put on it baby wishes. “Then they floated down the river. The candles flickering on the river is the image that we remember forever. The boys do the light and then burn the candles, for the lights of his published race, see who’s the most beautiful flowers and the longest. As for our daughters, more and more, we sat down to write our children’s wishes on beautiful colored paper and then put them on the lights and then let them float away. , there is a child sitting in the mouth murmuring something will come true.

Now, when each of the kids was growing up a lot, we grew up a lot, we were playing together as well as we were. Each time we return to our hometown, we do not go to the river to spend the rest of our lives remembering our childhood stories, remembering the lights and posting together the wishes of children. “To know that childhood is still deep in every human being …”

The flower lantern are made of colorful paper, shimmering

Festival of flower lantern, …. Drop into the river carrying the wishes ..

… to those who love photo pose, it is a great space for you to have unforgettable moments ….

… the river is blurred in the flower. The light of the Buddha followed the water, lighting up the darkness with magical light, full of love …

Because it is made of paper or foam sponge wing combined plastic cup bottom should be beautiful and very durable. Bring many utilities to use as in:

  • … to those who love photo pose, it is a great space for you to have unforgettable moments ….
  • The romantic scenes of the couple …
  • Make romantic scene …
  • The pair of lovers sitting next to each other under the dim light, the lights flashed like shining stars in the sky … instead of saying
  • Decorate the scenery in the house more romantic.
  • Used as a lamp on the altar of Buddha, grandparents are very polite and beautiful.

With many colors for you to choose.

Flower lantern is a product made of paper or foam, shaped like a lotus flower, can float on the water.

Use to drop in the river on the full moon day, or the Buddha’s birthday is the wishful wishes of luck, wishes come true.

On festive occasions, flower lantern shimmering on the water to leave an unforgettable impression in each of us.

With nearly 10 years of operation, the Duc Luong flower lantern is the place to sell the flower lights prestige for customers in and outside the country, where the flower lantern posted many individuals and units selected.

Do you think the simple way to make a flower lantern? It really takes a lot of effort for the flowers made entirely from artisan Duc Luong flower lantern, which is the passion of the people love the job, want to bring more good things for life. However, we still bring you the light flower sign posted cheap, sparkling water lights shimmering at a very affordable cost.

You need to buy flower lantern? Please contact Duc Luong flower lantern.

Duc Luong flower lantern – To dream come true
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Duc Luong flower lantern – To dream come true ❤

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